Shower Pan Repair Kit Customer Testimonial
(Do-It-Yourself Kit)

My Story:

This product is ideal for the cost conscience consumer that wants a good finished result. It takes a little patience to get the hang of the epoxy, but it's quite easy if you just take a few extra steps in the preparation. I ordered the kit and after spending a few hours going over every detail of the instructions, I was ready to get started. The extra preparation paid off right away when I started working with the epoxy. It sets up a little more quickly than I thought, but because of the extra steps, I was able to recover and got a very satisfactory result.

The grout bits are an absolute necessity for the guy using a Dremel type tool for grout removal. They are long lasting and at a fraction of the cost of the manufacturer's bits. I ordered extras after going through about 10 of the factory bits at ten bucks a pop and I was not even a third of the way finished. I strongly recommend using the lower speed when using a Dremel tool because you'll have much better control and a better chance of recovery if you slip a little. The faster the motor is going, the faster and more damage it does if you make a mistake.

Here's my pics of my finished product with apologies for not taking "before" pictures. But please believe me, it was big time ugly. I can't recommend the product strongly enough if you want a good result at a fraction of the cost of a tear-out and rebuild.

Don Stocker
Culver City, CA

Donsshower.JPG (10513 bytes)

Look carefully at the joints where the wall meets the floor and at the corners. What you are seeing is how neatly the epoxy has been applied.

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