Shower Pan Testimonial

Here is my testimonial!

Dear Tyler,

Thank you very much for flying over to fix our shower. I had been at my wit's end. I had already gone through a leaky shower repair once before. Everyone who came to look at the shower had only one suggestion, tear the shower down and replace the shower pan and everything else. It was going to be a major, expensive repair as the shower walls and the tub surround were made of Sheets of Silestone, which is quite an expensive material. So many people came and took a look and didn't get back to me! Frustrated I was on Google search when I came across your web site. I was very impressed with the text and the solution that you offered. Much against my husband and son's misgivings I asked you if you could fly over and fix my shower. You agreed to come on a weekend and got to work right away and didn't stop until you fixed the shower. Everything was done methodically, even the clean up. I can recommend you to anyone.

Thanks again for sparing a major headache of going through a leaky shower repair that would have taken many weeks and thousands of dollars in repair.

Usha P.

Sugarland, Tx

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