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A shower door that's improperly installed can cause more leaks and damage than if you had no doors at all. When installing doors it is very important that the underside of the bottom track be completely filled with silicone before making contact with the tub. The track seams on each wall, along with the inside track seams must also be sealed.
Shower curtains are easier to maintain than shower doors. The downside is if you don't keep the curtains closed all the way, water tends to seep out the corners. The remedy is to install a plastic splash guard on the front tub ledge, and always keep a dry towel on the floor by the outside front tub corner. Another trick is to shower standing toward the center of the tub so less water bounces off the front tub ledge and onto the floor.


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Mildew is caused when either too much water has been sitting on the walls, tub ledge, or floor for extended periods of time, or the grout is old, worn out, or missing. Dripping faucets, harsh cleaning chemicals promote the breakdown of grout, further creating mildew growth. If your faucets drip, contact a plumber.

I strongly suggest regrouting worn or missing grout. Before regrouting, remove at least 16th of an inch of the old grout by using my Regrouting Bits. New grout will not stick properly to old grout that has been exposed to chemical, hard water, and soap scum build up. If the grout is semi-warn, has void spots, yet solid, clean the grout as described below.  New grout will stick better to a clean chemical free surface.

Bathtub seams (where the tile meets the tub) should always be filled in with silicone, not grout. The weight of water being filled in the bathtub pulls the tub downward from the walls causing tub seams to expand and contract. Silicone will give with movement; grout will crack. The omission of silicone around the tub and floor seams in a bathtub/shower is one of the primary causes of water seeping through the ceiling below. Many contractors omit the use of silicone due to lack of skill in applying it neatly, plus the additional cost and time factor. Remember, tubs need to contract and expand


My #1 one rule for cleaning: If the cleanser is meant for tub and tile, don't use it! The only product I recommend for cleaning, removing hard water stains and soap scum is "FAST ORANGE HAND CLEANER." It's a waterless hand cleaner that works better than any other product out there. It can be purchased at any auto parts store.

Proper maintenance is the key to preventing problems. I will teach you everything you need to know about cleaning and maintaining a trouble free shower.

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