Leaky Shower Pan Repair Pictures

Reairpan-1.JPG (27458 bytes)

These 2 pictures show the exposed joints before grinding. Any caulking that was adhered to the bottom joints have been removed.

RepairPan-2.JPG (61068 bytes)

This Picture is close-up view of what the joints look like after the grinding process.

The top 2 picture shows what it looks like during the grinding process. What you see in the upper left picture is water that has sprayed up from the grinding wheel. The concrete below the tile is totally saturated with water. The picture on the upper right shows the epoxy that is filled in the joint aprox 2.5 inches in depth. The bottom 2 pictures show the finished product. The left side has a silicone bead on top of the epoxy, while the right side has an epoxy bead over the epoxy filled joint.

RepairPan-3.JPG (30731 bytes)

           What you see here is the finished product, which includes regrouting the floor tile.

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