Shower Pan Repair Kit "Shower Pans Repaired Without Removal"

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These kits are a simpler version than what is done out in the field (Leaky Shower Pan Repair) and is geared toward the homeowner. Results concerning neatness will vary between the individual. Unlike what�s done in the field, this kit is notdesigned for getting down to actual pan. This method of repair is more effective than using using silicone and 10 times better than using acrylic based caulking. The method can be modified so that silicone can be used on top of the resin (when dried) if so desired. Supplied is enough epoxy to repair 1 stall shower, or be used as a permanent bathtub caulking that won�t mildew or discolor. The additional items that are required can be purchased locally.

Without removing or damaging the tiles you will be able to inject a high strength resin �" to 1 inch into the joints where the wall meets the floor, along with going sideways into the tile about  3/16". The injected resin binds to the grooved out section where the wall meets the floor, forming a tight binding seal. A similar procedure is used where tiles meet at right angles, corners where tile walls join together, door track seams, doorstep seams, and any other area that needs attention.

A simplified method has now been developed
The kit is no longer needed.
I highly recommend purchasing a paid consultation.

Schedule a Consultation/Evaluation before you REPLACE or REPAIR your existing shower

Shower Pan Repair Kit
(No longer available)

2 empty 10oz caulking tubes (tubes are manually filled)
12oz part A, 6oz part B resin + measuring cups
4-Latex gloves
2 packets of ground quartz to mix in the epoxy
Mixing stick/cups
15-3/32" Carbide grout removal bits (rotary tool required)
7- Razor Blades
1-1/8" Dremel Tile cut bit

instructions will be supplied via a download link. Instructions will be in MS WORD format
Phone support is provided to help you get the job done

Additional items required
Caulking Gun
Denatured alcohol
Bounty or shop paper towels
Linoleum Knife
2" wide masking tape
Safety glasses
Hairdryer or heat gun
Shop vacuum
Rotary tool (Dremel etc.)

Optional items recommended
Waterless hand cleaner
Nylon scrubby pad
Wall or floor grout
Grouting sponge & bucket
Backer board scoring knife
Grout saw

Sampling of Tools Used

caulk tube.jpg (2184

Empty caulking tubes

fastorange2.gif (2381

Waterless hand

Shopvac.jpg (3577

Shop Vacuum

                    Gun.jpg (1820 bytes)

Caulking gun

Papertowels.jpg (1922

Bounty or blue shop towelshttp:

grout-saw-s.jpg (1661

Grout saw

                          (1707 bytes)

Linoleum knife

latex gloves.jpg (1501

Latex gloves

ScoringKnife.jpg (1495

Backerboard knife(used for scraping out grout)



razor blades.jpg
                            (1269 bytes)

Razor blades

                          (3150 bytes)

Denatured alcohol 

ScrubbyPad.jpg (1373

Nylon scrubby pad

safety glasses.jpg
                          (1951 bytes)

Safety glasses

RotozipTile bit.jpg
                          (1430 bytes)

Dremel tile cut bit

Grout sponges

Groutfloat.jpg (1721

Grout float

drillbits__4.JPG (2472 bytes)

Carbide regrouting bits

Masking tape.jpg (1033

2" wide masking tape

dremel.jpg (1934

Rotary tool

GROUT.jpg (2722

Wall or floor grout

Dremel Alternative Grout Removal Bits
Remove the grout between ceramic tile
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