100%  Personalized Diagnosis of YOUR Leaking Shower Pan Problem

So, you have been told your SHOWER PAN is leaking... now what?

Plumbers, Contractors and Handyman view you in terms $$$ signs and will do there best to convince you that you either need to replace your shower pan or rip it out.

MOST shower pans can be repaired and I have over 25+ years experience doing just that. I no longer am able to do the physical work, yet I'm very much dedicated to giving you amazing advice helping you navigate through the issue of scrupulous misinformed contractors. If you are handy... wonderful! If you aren't handy you will be getting an alternative point of view from someone who has spent many years in the trade. Up to an hour of your time and mine has the potential to save you thousands of $$$.

Having Doubt? Introduce yourself! TEXT ME at: 801-897-1929
  I will not answer voice calls without an appointment.

Schedule your personalized evaluation & comprehensive phone consultation today!

For a nominal fee of $35.00 payable via PayPal, we'll set up the best time and day to talk. I'm very flexible time wise and I will need you to be by your shower when we talk.
You will be required to pay first via PayPal. Then you'll upload your pictures via your digital camera to: 

1- Where the tile wall meets the floor and where walls meet on each side
2- Drain area, Floor area, Outside the shower looking inward.
3- All the right angles on the lower corners, including the step (curb) area
4- Any cracked grout lines on the floor tile that are away from the sides of the wall. Look closely to see
if you have any thick white (calcium deposits) buildup that extrudes from the grout lines usually from the drain outward.
5- Any area that appears to be bulging, separating either on the walls or floor, or anything that just doesn't look right.
10-20 pictures usually does the trick.

I'll also be emailing you a FREE copy of "Testing For a Leaky Shower Pan Fact Sheet" in MS WORD format via a download link.

Just click on the button below $35.00

Testing For a Leaky Shower Pan Fact Sheet  (FREE with every consultation)

Topics covered:

  1. Checking for cracked or missing grout
  2. Visually checking the faucets for plumbing problems
  3. Physically testing the faucets for leaks
  4. Checking for loose floor tile
  5. Checking for movement between the wall and the floor tile
  6. Different ways for testing the drain for leaks
  7. Checking a particular area that 99% of all plumbers never check or will mislead you into thinking you need a new drain.
  8. Confirming the leak by applying a very simple temporary way to stop it.
  9. My methods are not all standard and I'll never have you break anything or make the leak worse.
  10. Clogging up the drain is not always the best way to check for leaks despite what a plumber might tell you.

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